When I arrived in Galena, I was gifted with a Sony Mavica from my new employer, so I went around town to take photos. That same year, I took some of my prints and scanned them. A lot of good memories in these photos.

31 August 2001         Jojo and Isa at the GILA ballfields
1 September 2001         Hangar implosion and Joe toddling around
21 September 2001         Scenics and Joe running around
22 October 2001         JoJo pulled around town on his sled
Thanksgiving 2001         JoJo gnaws on a drumstick
8 December 2001         Beautiful scenics along the road
13 December 2001         Jojo’s first Christmas pageant
Scanned photos         Jojo on the beach at Pt. Reyes, and Isa looking lovely in the car along the Alaska Highway
Tuluksak         Scanned photos from Tuluksak

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