Our first full year in Galena! We were living in old town, looking across the Yukon River, with the first subarctic garden and the Iditarod staging area at the base of our stairs. Everything was new and astonishing.

19 January 2002         Sled dog races down by the river
22 March 2002         Jojo’s fourth birthday, and the Iditarod sled dog race staging area outside our house
7 June 2002         The landscape around Galena, and Jojo in a raincoat
16 June 2002         My first Galena garden, on the gravel pad in front of our house in old town
2 July 2002         Sepia photos taken with the Mavica
5 August 2002         Flower patches in the first Galena garden
9 August 2002         Jojo asleep at the dinner table
28 September 2002         Crytanthus and Jojo
2002 odds and ends         Joe’s first writing and Joe inviting the dinosaurs to dinner

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