What an exciting year! We bought our first house, a beautiful two-story energy efficient home near Crow Creek, where I started my garden, and Joe started his first grade at the elementary school. This was also the first year I had a digital camera that started to match the speed and quality of my Nikon FE2. A magical time, thinking about it in retrospect, filled with hope and enthusiasm, with a new home, a new job, a new wife, a new child… a great to time to have been alive.

17 January 2004         First scenics with the new rig
12 March 2004         Iditarod comes to Galena
13 March 2004         Junior Carnival, with Jojo on a dog sled
19 March 2004         Joe’s sixth birthday
4 April 2004         My first attempt at birds using the digital camera
18 April 2004         Joe throws rocks into the river
29 May 2004         We move into our new home
6 July 2004         Our first summer on Ptarmigan Drive
14 July 2004         The sisters from South Africa visit Florida, hosted by my mom
19 July 2004         More scenics from Florida, including Isa’s birthday party
6 August 2004         Bits and shards
9 September 2004         Cabbage and cap
24 December 2004         Christmas festivities

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