Advanced computer applications

This course is an overview of computer usage in an academic, government, and business settings, followed by the opportunity to earn a certification in basic Microsoft Office Systems software.  It includes the major components of a computer and their functions, the operating system, file management, Internet essentials (browsing, searching and email), and primary office applications (word processing, presentation software, and spreadsheets). Students conclude the course with certification tests in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Course goals and student learning outcomes:

• Students will learn to use the mouse and keyboard to control the computer

• Students will learn to use the visual interface, toolbars, menus, command icons, and dialog boxes to control the computer

• Students will learn to open and close applications, manipulate documents and application windows.

• Students will learn basic file management skills such as naming files, using a logical file folder hierarchical structure, and saving and opening files.

• Students will learn to organize computer files, including moving, copying, deleting, and organizing files into folders.

• Students will learn to use Microsoft Word to type, cut, copy, paste, and use spell checker and other software tools to produce professional looking documents.

• Students will learn to efficiently browse the World Wide Web.

• Students will learn to use internet search tools to find information on the Internet.

• Students will learn to use and create Power Point documents.

• Students will learn to use Microsoft Access.

• Students will learn to create basic spreadsheet workbooks and worksheets using Microsoft Excel, including using formulas, functions, formatting, and printing.

Six students earned their certification in PowerPoint during the fall 2019 semester.
Students earning Word and Excel certifications in the spring 2019 semester
Students earning PowerPoint certification in the fall 2018 semester
Students earning Word certification, spring 2018