Computer applications

Computer applications is the entry-level computer class for Galena high school students. Students learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, with the focus on applying skills for academic achievement in other high school classes. In addition to lessons from the Learning Microsoft Office 2016 book, students will learn how to construct an infographic in the PowerPoint unit, including proper citation of information; students in the Word unit will learn the basic structure of a research paper; and students in the Excel unit will learn simple formulas and how to manipulate the Excel worksheet to create simple budgets and data series.

Course goals and student learning outcomes

• Students will learn to use Microsoft Word to type, cut, copy, paste, and use spell checker and other software tools to produce professional looking documents.

• Students will learn to use internet search tools to find information on the Internet.

• Students will demonstrate the ability to create an MLA research paper, with the proper use of citations and works cited.

• Students will learn to use and create Power Point documents.

• Students will create infographics.

• Students will learn to create basic spreadsheet workbooks and worksheets using Microsoft Excel, including using formulas, functions, formatting, and printing.